ADA and AAPD press releases in reponse to brain tumor study.

Please read this press release from the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry regarding a new study that just came out associating dental xrays with an increased risk for a specific type of non-malignant brain tumor. The study is based on x-rays performed decades ago, when radiation levels were far greater. Also, the study relies on the MEMORIES of patients having dental x-rays taken.

Click here to read the press release  from the American Dental Association in response to this study.  Click here to read the press release on from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Click here to see examples of radiation we are exposed to in our everday life!  Here at the pediatric dental center we use low dose digital x-rays to ensure the lowest radiation exposure to our patients.

How much radiation am i getting? (in micro-sieverts)

Eating a banana  0.1

Single dental x-ray 0.2

One day visit to the Grand Canyon 10.0

Panoramic X-ray  10.0

Airplane flight from NY to LA  40.0

Chest X-ray  50.0

Living in a brick house for 1 year  70.0

Mammogram 3,000

Medical radiation worker allowed per year  50,000


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Dr. Shah, Dr. O’Riordan